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Professional Development

In House Training

Courses run in your organisation, when you need it, where you need it

All AITD courses are available to be run in your organisation, when you need it, where you need it. Our experienced trainers will work with you to customise the experience for the best outcomes.

Why In-House?

There are many advantages to having our courses run with your team:

  1. Focus on particular areas of interest within the content
  2. Address lack of expertise in specific areas
  3. Team dynamics and morale can be boosted
  4. Your location minimises staff travel and venue costs
  5. Course registration costs are reduced (minimum numbers apply)

How do I organise In-House Training?

Call us to discuss what your training needs are. With some simple details of preferred dates, location, course and approximate number of participants, we’ll send out a formal proposal.

Contact Neil Von Heupt, Programs Manager, on 02 9211 9414 / 1300 138 862 to discuss your training needs.

What Courses are offered In-House?

Courses currently available for in-House delivery are:

  1. Instructional Design Essentials
  2. Needs Analysis and Evaluation Essentials
  3. Facilitation Skills MasterClass
  4. Presentation Skills MasterClass
  5. Training Room Essentials
  6. eLearning Essentials
  7. Adult Learning Essentials
  8. L&D Project Management MasterClass
  • Disc Advanced (June2015-2018)
  • Guild (from May 2018)
  • Writers Wanted