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Curation for Learning

Curation for Learning

Curation for Learning

Content curation is so much more than just gathering knowledge and content on a given subject or topic and publishing it in one place. Content curation considers the design, organisation, communication and social media implications of how the information is presented and allows for others to interact with what is being presented.

This online course will model best practice as you work your way through the learning process, engaging with the content, the trainer and other participants. Structured over four weeks with facilitated online content, discussions and webinars this course will give you an introduction to the essential knowledge that you need to communicate your ideas to your colleagues, your organisation and your global audience.

If you’re interested in growing your reflective practices, interacting with your knowledge networks, enhancing your organisational and design skills and want to consolidate and stretch your knowledge, then this course is for you.

This course explores key elements of organisation, navigation and design when presenting online ideas and projects. This is a hands-on course that requires learners to develop a curation project on a topic of their choice.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  1. Gather and organise your online content for a topic of your choice
  2. Identify the functional elements of a variety of curation tools
  3. Design and develop a project, learn about the key functions of the tool you choose.
  4. Design and develop unique images for your project
  5. Understand copyright and attribution laws
  6. Explore how analytics can assist in understanding the effectiveness of your communication
  7. Demonstrate the social media capabilities of your project to maximise its effectiveness
  8. Use a range of online applications to curate ideas and topics

You should attend this course if you want to:

  1. Understand the processes of curation and their possibilities for learning
  2. Explore knowledge networks and their capabilities
  3. Communicate your teaching ideas, projects and experiences to others
  4. Gather and organise your teaching tools in an online environment
  5. Understand basic elements of graphic design, layout and online communication methods
  6. Experience an online course related to your current work activities

Course outline

There are seven modules in this course, delivered over four weeks.

  1. Get organised – In this module you will use some simple online organisational tools to gather and arrange your information and ideas for the topic of your choice.
  2. Curation Tools - A look at the functional elements of curation tools. This module explores the tools and their uses. You will also explore a range of blogs to evaluate and reflect upon elements that are effective and not effective to the purpose of the blog.
  3. Designing a project- This module will examine design principles and layout for a curation project. It will consider the purpose, audience, navigation and content for the project. You will create your project in this module.
  4. Copyright and Attribution laws – This module ensures your work complies with all laws and regulations for online content.
  5. Social and Collaborative Learning – Curation is about not only about the design but the communication of your ideas. This module will look at how you can grow your audience.
  6. Analytics and evaluation – In this module you will explore how analytics can assist in evaluating the effectiveness of your project and your communication. You will evaluate and modify your project in response to feedback.
  7. Online curation applications- There are many online applications that can assist you in organising and sharing ideas. We will explore tools like Pinterest, Diigo, Evernote and Pearltrees that can present topics in interesting and accessible ways for your audience.

Who is this program for?

  1. Adult learning leaders
  2. Trainers
  3. Instructional designers
  4. eLearning developers
  5. Teachers
  6. Anyone who wants to understand about curation of online content
Location Date Time Details
Online 4 November, 11 November, 18 November, 25 November 2019 9.30am - 11.00am View
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