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Data Analytics for Learning Professionals

Data Analytics for Learning Professionals

Data Analytics for Learning Professionals

Data analytics continues to be a key growth area within learning & development, although many practitioners are unsure of exactly what this involves. In this course we will examine data analytics, discuss the work of current global thought leaders and consider case studies.



This course is essential for anyone wanting to understand and strengthen the role learning & development plays in the talent pipeline, and the importance of detailed research to inform best practice, satisfy stakeholders and drive competitive advantage.


We will cover the broad range of data available to us, examine data vs metrics, zero in on what to look for, and learn to understand, action and visually represent what we have found. Ultimately, we will explore how these findings can be used to drive everything from learning needs analysis to learning strategy, architecture, implementation and evaluation.


Setting the scene:

  • Definitions – the language we speak. Where data analytics sits within the field of data science.
  • What is it we’re looking for? Why is our research problematic? What questions are we hoping to answer?
  • What data analytics capabilities are required of us as L&D professionals? A quick tour of global trends and frameworks.


Sources of data:

  • Where to look for data – thinking and searching beyond L&D
  • Key tools and technology to support data analytics and reporting  


Analysing data:

  • The basics
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Analysing learner behaviour
  • Taking it further
  • Data modelling
  • Predictive analytics


Representing our data:

  • Data visualisation
  • Tables and charts
  • Personas
  • Infographics
  • Dashboards


Using our findings:

  • How do our findings and/or predictions inform our work?
  • Ethical considerations
  • How do we use our findings to drive best practice?


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