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eLearning MasterClass (online)

eLearning MasterClass (online)

eLearning MasterClass (online)

Are you looking to push further into eLearning? Tired of click-next page-turners that lack engagement and results?


This is a practical, project focussed course with a tangible educational product being developed as a result of the learning. You’ll explore the theory and tools that will prepare you to shape the project around best practice over the final two weeks as you develop an action learning project with the authoring and development tools of your choice.

With both top-tier facilitator and peer feedback, you will create a resource and learn the process to develop eLearning content that delivers results. Your end product will reflect modern learning types and course designs as well as incorporating reward and recognition strategies, cutting edge multimedia and a range of content design options.


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  • Guild (from May 2018)
  • Writers Wanted