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It's Smarter to Work with Human Nature

It's Smarter to Work with Human Nature

It's Smarter to Work with Human Nature

Author of 'Hardwired Humans', Andrew O'Keeffe, shows us how to harness the power of human nature.

Workplaces are human systems. Yet in our complex world we can easily ignore the basic nature of humans. The smartest way to be highly effective as learning and HR professionals is to use the power of human nature.

When humans shifted into workplaces, beginning with the Industrial Revolution only about 250 years ago, we carried with us 9 instincts that form the human condition. The framework explains behaviours we commonly experience at work, and with this explanation we will know what will work and what won’t. Andrew O’Keeffe will share an informative and practical approach based on the implications of social psychology, anthropology and primatology for life in organisations.

Participants will walk away with explanations on common workplace behaviours and ideas for increasing our effectiveness and influence:

  • • Why humans make snap judgments – and how to use this knowledge
  • • Gossip as a social tool – and an application for HR and L&D professionals
  • • Team sizes that work for humans – and organisation structures that will be dysfunctional
  • • Why the belief that “people resist change” is incorrect – and what really happens when humans experience change.

Location Date Time Details
Adelaide 5 December 2018 7:15am - 9:30am View
  • Guild (from May 2018)
  • Writers Wanted