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L&D Project Management - COMING END OF 2020

L&D Project Management - COMING END OF 2020

L&D Project Management - COMING END OF 2020

Are you ready to transition your project management skills from ad-hoc to unmistakable? Have you managed projects but haven't yet applied new ways of working within your business? Are you ready to uncover and apply more relevant and innovative skills that you can actually use for maximum impact?

This course covers all key facets of project management as it applies to learning and development professionals. You’ll learn the end-to-end process and explore the Project Management Body of Knowledge methodology.

L & D Project Management dives into planning, the importance of information-gathering & following up, sourcing suitable content, facility must-haves, and even the basics of budgeting, marketing and evaluation.

If you want to run complex L&D projects, add theoretical frameworks, and discover some practical tools and methods that will assist in your journey, then this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use and apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology
  2. Discover the phases of a learning & development (L&D) project lifecycle
  3. Apply techniques to accurately define project scope, develop plans and control measures to manage projects effectively
  4. Estimate task duration and sequence, and then schedule deliverables to track the progress of the project
  5. Identify human resource management issues common amongst L&D projects
  6. Undertake risk analysis, and manage the change control process
  7. Integrate project management functions in order to assist with the delivery of successful projects

You should attend this course if you want to:

  1. Plan and implement intricate L&D projects
  2. Learn about the most practical planning tools and how to apply methodologies
  3. Understand the international standard PMBOK™ strategy
  4. Deliver successful projects
  5. Evaluate and advise on projects


A very valuable course to round out the L&D Manager/L&D Specialist knowledge.


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