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Presentation Skills - COMING IN 2ND HALF OF 2020

Presentation Skills - COMING IN 2ND HALF OF 2020

Presentation Skills - COMING IN 2ND HALF OF 2020

Do you deliver presentations at conferences, meetings, events or learning programs? Would you like to hone your skills and up your presentation-game to a new professional and cutting-edge level?

This course will equip you to take the stage with confidence. You'll learn how to strengthen your presence, engage an audience, communicate effectively, structure to suit your purpose and increase your persuasiveness. 


During this highly interactive course you’ll have many practice opportunities as we work through everything from warming up and preparation, voice and body control, gestures and visuals, reading an audience and conveying authority and power.

Whether you're already comfortable in the front of a room, or you're moving into higher-stakes presentations, and you're looking to refine and develop your skills, this course will help get you to a new-found level.  


I really enjoy being taken out of my comfort zone in a safe environment  I now need to reflect on what I learnt - owning the space, being natural, connecting with audience to name but a few examples. Thank you for helping me to develop my presentation and communications skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Change how the audience perceive you using only your body language
  2. Be confident even when presenting unfamiliar material
  3. Consciously modulate your voice, breath and gestures for effect
  4. Demonstrate skills in deliberately conveying mood and tone, volume and power
  5. Describe key factors in personal presentation and body language for successful presentations
  6. Use sensory and emotional language to engage your audience
  7. Use props, slides and additional resources more effectively
  8. Demonstrate your learning through multiple practice opportunities followed by constructive feedback.

You should attend this course if you want to:

  1. Take your speaking skills to executive level
  2. Speak persuasively at public and industry events
  3. Strengthen your stage presence
  4. Avoid “Death by PowerPoint”
  5. Learn how to handle nervousness and lack of confidence
  6. Deliver business presentations
  7. Engage your audience

Course Outline


  1. Earning the right – why should they listen to you?
  2. Confidence vs. Competence
  3. Breath, voice and tone
  4. Body language

2.Stage and Sound

  1. Projection, pitch and volume
  2. Sensory and emotional language
  3. Rhythm and pace
  4. Stage and gesture anchoring


  1. Objections and questions
  2. Reading the room
  3. Visuals and props
  4. Outsourcing the thinking
  5. Setting up a great debrief
  6. Case studies and story


  1. Planning your presentation
  2. Preparing for it
  3. Practice opportunities
  4. Peer and facilitator support
  5. Constructive feedback
  6. Review and action planning

Who should attend?

  1. Conference speakers
  2. Executives and managers
  3. Senior Learning and Development professionals
  4. MCs at events
  5. Board executives
  6. Media liaisons
  7. Trainers or L & D professionals wanting to improve their presentation skills

Participation in this AITD course will be recognised through a certificate and a digital badge.


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