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Virtual Classroom Environments

Virtual Classroom Environments

Virtual Classroom Environments

Virtual Classrooms have been gaining popularity as they reach a wider audience on both small and large scales, without compromising quality and relevancy. Delivering content this way also promotes consistency and operational efficiency, so businesses can quickly reap the rewards and focus on other priorities.

This course will model virtual classroom delivery whilst equipping learners with the practical considerations and skills required for delivering confident and engaging LIVE online learning. Learners will participate in 4 x LIVE, facilitated virtual classroom sessions, experience immersive learning activities and will take-away inspirational ideas that can be used in conjunction with  web-conferencing software.  Learning professionals will benefit from a deeper understanding of how expert operations of virtual classrooms complete a blended learning program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the different types of LIVE online learning events
  2. Understand how virtual classrooms can form an essential element in blended learning programs
  3. Identify the optimal web-conferencing software for your purposes
  4. Set up a pilot, and vastly improve your operation of live online learning events
  5. Understand what best practices are applied to maximise learner engagement and learning effectiveness
  6. Describe instructional strategies and activities for LIVE online participation
  7. Make virtual classrooms highly engaging and interactive
  8. Plan for incorporating virtual classrooms into your blended learning mix

  9. Course Outline

    There are four modules in this course, delivered 4 x LIVE online Virtual classrooms (90 minutes each), over 2 consecutive days.  

    1. The Dimensions and Dynamics of Virtual Classrooms - Exploring the purpose, software and possibilities for operating virtual classrooms as an effective and engaging facilitated learning experience.
    2. From Pilot to Professional Delivery - Critical considerations and best practices in setting up for success in running Virtual Classrooms.
    3. Instructional Design Principles for Virtual Classrooms - How to adapt training activities and maximise learner engagement in the LIVE online environment.
    4. Facilitation Skills for LIVE Online Learning - Adapting your skills and ‘bringing your mojo’ to your virtual audience.


    Who is this program for?

    1. Facilitators / Trainers
    2. Training Consultants and Strategists
    3. Adult Learning leaders and specialists
    4. Instructional Designers
    5. Workplace Coaches
    6. Trainers and L & D professionals that would like to increase their proficiency around creating and running Virtual Classrooms



Location Date Time Details
Online 2nd and 3rd April 2020 2 sessions per day: 10:30am - 12:00pm; 1:00pm - 2:30pm View
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