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National Training Excellence Awards 2016

Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour (Sydney) 18 November 2016

Congratulations to all the Finalists on their achievements. AITD is delighted to be able to recognise the incredible work being done by our members in diverse businesses and industries. This year there was a record number of entries, so all Finalists should be proud of their results in a competitive field.

Elizabeth Robinson, AITD CEO

Award winners were announced at a ceremony on 18 November 2016.

Thank you to Tim Stackpool, Master of Ceremonies, for a wonderful event.



Thank you to AITD Awards Sponsor for the generous and ongoing support:


Thank you to David Smyth, official photographer of the AITD Awards.

The action on the Awards backchannel has been captured on Storify. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Awards on Twitter.



Winners and Finalists

Photos from the event
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