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AITD National Conferences

AITD National Conferences have a reputation for delivering something for everyone

Many learning and development conferences have a narrow focus on one or two key areas. The AITD National Conference has a reputation for delivering something for everyone – from Trainers to Instructional Designers to Human Resources Advisers to Chief Learning Officers

Elizabeth Robinson, AITD CEO

Providing a broad exposure to the latest theories, tools, technologies and practices

AITD’s conference program deliberately covers a range of topics to provide broad exposure to the latest theories, tools, technologies and practices.

Taking place over two days, the conference brings together delegates from across Australia and the Asia-Pacific to hear presentations that provide tangible takeaways that you can implement at your workplace.

Case studies from leading companies, panel discussions, keynote addresses and opportunities to discuss what you have learned with fellow delegates, will give you new ideas, different viewpoints and challenge your thinking.

Leading speakers deliver thought-provoking keynote addresses

AITD brings leading speakers from Australia and overseas to deliver thought-provoking keynote addresses. Past keynote speakers include:

  1. Dr Anne Bartlett-Bragg (Australia)
  2. Dr Ben Betts (UK)
  3. Dr Jane Bozarth (USA)
  4. Professor Robert Brinkerhoff (USA)
  5. Donald Clark (UK)
  6. Dr Roger Collins (Australia)
  7. Patrick Crooks (Australia)
  8. Ger Driesen (Netherlands)
  9. Dr Vinayshil Gautam (India)
  10. Harold Jarche (Canada)
  11. Charles Jennings (UK)
  12. Nigel Paine (UK)
  13. Marigo Raftopoulos (Australia)
  14. Dr Alastair Rylatt (Australia)
  15. Joyce Seitzinger (Australia)
  16. Emma Weber (Australia)
  17. Craig Weiss (USA)
  18. Rob Wilkins (Australia)

More about AITD National Conferences

  1. AITD conferences take place in Sydney or Melbourne each year.
  2. AITD offers members the opportunity to register in advance of public registration, to take advantage of huge savings.
  3. Conferences also provide an Expo where exhibitors are on hand to discuss the latest products, tools and services for learning and development professionals that can assist in individual and organisation job performance.
  • Workstar (April - June 2017)
  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to May 2017)
  • Writers Wanted