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A Message from the AITD Board

AITD's response to COVID-19

Released: 27 May 2020

The board of the Australian Institute of Training and Development, in keeping with our values, wishes to advise its members and extended stakeholders of the decisions the institute has made in response to the challenges and opportunities presented as result of COVID-19.

Firstly, our thoughts are with our learning community and beyond impacted by the virus, or by the restrictions imposed by authorities. We recognise that for some, the impacts are severe, with the loss of life, health, or livelihood.

As the extent and reach of physical distancing requirements became evident, the board made decisions to limit exposure of our activities on our team, our members, and the broader community. These decisions resulted in the cancellation or postponement of a number of learning events, as well as moving the annual national conference to a fully virtual format.

Our team are also a prime concern. To the extent possible, our team are working from home, with daily contact with the CEO and colleagues via tele-conferencing calls. We are pleased to advise our team and systems are adapting well.

The board continues to review the situation and will make decisions to return to business as usual as restrictions are eased and when safety and wellbeing can be assured.

In the meantime, our activities have moved to an online format where possible. We encourage the use of our online learning programs ,webinars and local events from the safety of your home. Our in-house learning programs also continue to be available.

With good reserves, the institute is in a strong financial position. We will continue to prudently manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation to reduce the financial impact where possible. In recognition of the impact of the pandemic on the livelihoods and morale of our members, the board has decided to provide a member renewal extension of 6 months, as well as providing a discounted membership for new and returning members.

This crisis has forced us into isolation, resulting in us coming together in many new ways. Our team have continued to make themselves available to members and the broader community. The increase in positive social media participation, and the generosity shown in the sharing of free resources are examples of the community responding to the crisis. Our Sharing is Caring web page is a clear testament to this.

In recent years the board has embarked on a renewal process. We have been investing in resources to build a more contemporary organisation. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinvigorated our intent to continue this work to ensure our organisation is able to flourish in a volatile environment and better serve the needs of our members in the future. Our recently adopted strategic plan outlines the path forward and we continue to be committed to deliver the strategic projects as outlined in this plan.

As Australia progresses towards a rebuild of the economy, we recognise the L&D community will form a vital part of the reskilling required. The board calls on governments to promote training programs for workers by providing tax concessions and incentive payments to stimulate the vital training and development sector.

Now is the time to lean into our future. As an association well placed to meet the needs of the L&D community, we call on all training and learning professionals to join AITD. We are a vibrant community of dedicated professionals. We are united in a common belief in the value of continuous learning and professional development to build a thriving, adaptable workforce. As a member of this L&D tribe, you will belong to a passionate, professional body dedicated to the same aims. We have so much to offer in these uncertain times. Your contribution in this community is valued, even necessary.


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