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AITD Mentoring Program

Applications for the 2018 Mentoring Program Open in December

Released: 3 October 2017


Are you looking for some career direction? Feeling isolated in your current role? Ready to expand your comfort zone? Identified a gap in your skillset or just need someone to bounce ideas around with? Are you ambitious and driven, up for what many describe as the best professional development opportunity around?

Perhaps you have been considering how you might contribute, or you have some wisdom and experience to share. You have experienced the value of good mentoring and it’s time you stepped up to the role. Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from being mentored.

The AITD Mentoring Program brings together experienced and successful professionals with AITD members who are looking to develop their skills and careers. Knowledge sharing, advice, reflection - together, these elements become professional development that supports the participants to grow and reach their potential.

In 2018 the program will continue to be offered across Australia. Applications will open in December 2017.


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  • Guild (to April 2018)
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