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AITD Response to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Australians Working Longer

Media Release

Released: 20 November 2019

The Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) is calling on Minister Frydenberg to provide incentives to business to increase professional development opportunities within organisations.

“The review of the National Skills & Workforce Agreement by the Productivity Commission is a positive initiative, and we encourage the government to look beyond the VET sector and into broader workplace learning opportunities.”
- Lynette Pinder, AITD CEO.

Lifelong learning is important for all individuals regardless of their age or stage of their career. All businesses should be actively encouraged to support a vibrant and engaged learning culture within their organisation, and this may be achieved in part through the use of government incentives.

A flexible and adaptive workforce is needed to provide the skills required in a changing workplace landscape. People need the ability to update their skills to stay relevant and employable in an unpredictable job market. Continuing professional development is a vital part of this process.

Simple initiatives such as encouraging membership of professional associations can ensure employees stay up to date with current and emerging trends and skills requirements. Investing in learning and development teams within organisations will also ensure employees have access to the right skills and learning opportunities.

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