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AITD2018 Pre-Conference Workshops

Spend the day with Julie Dirksen, Shannon Tipton or Lisa Elias

Released: 1 April 2018

AITD Conference delegates are invited to register for one of three pre-conference workshops to be held on Wednesday 6 June 2018.

If you have already booked your place but not yet nominated which workshop you wish to attend we encourage you to decide sooon.

Julie Dirksen - Design for Behaviour Change

In this workshop, you will explore the research and science behind real behaviour change, including techniques from the fields of neuroscience, behavioural economics, behavioural psychology, persuasive technology, and habit formation. You will leave this workshop understanding the psychology, methods, and motivations of behaviour change that are becoming an increasingly necessary part of the learning designer’s toolbox.


Shannon Tipton - Microlearning in Microtime

Using the Learning Rebels 3D model for microlearning, this workshop will give you the critical information, framework and tools you need to rapidly build effective and sustainable microlearning content.


Lisa Elias - Data Analytics for Learning Professionals

During this workshop we’ll cover the broad range of data available to us, zero in on what to look for and learn how to understand and represent what we’ve found. Ultimately, we’ll explore how these findings can be used to drive everything from learning needs analysis, to learning strategy, architecture, implementation and evaluation.


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