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Amendment to AITD By-Laws

Updated September 2019

Released: 22 October 2019

As of September 2019, the AITD board of directors have made some amendments to the by-laws of the institute. The updated version is available on the Articles and Information page of the AITD website.  

Aside from minor formatting amendments, the main changes to note are:

Section 2 - Categories of Membership
- Student and graduate membership categories are now combined, with the overall requirements from both categories retained.
- Clause stating life membership can only be allocated to 0.5% of membership has been removed to allow the board to confer life membership where appropriate.

Section 3 - Fees
- Updated to align with wording of the AITD constitution
- Table of membership fees removed - this can be found on the membership section of the AITD website.

Section 5 - Election of Directors
- Changes to wording to reflect use of email and clarification of options for online voting.

Section 7 - Nominations & Elections for Divisional Councils
- Updates to mirror the changes approved by the board last year to allow electronic voting.


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