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Earn Badges through AITD

AITD uses digital badges to recognise lifelong and lifewide learning.

Released: 2 February 2016

AITD has embraced digital badges and advocates their use as a meaningful way to recognise lifelong and lifewide learning.

Digital badges are presented as an image with embedded metadata which provides details of what the recipient had to do to earn the badge.

AITD uses badges to recognise the contribution and achievements of learning and development professionals in the following ways:

  1. Member badges for AITD members, issued upon joining and renewal;
  2. Professional development badges for participants in AITD’s Essentials and MasterClass courses, Mentoring Program, Conference and other activities;
  3. Contributing to the work of AITD, such as volunteers on Divisional Councils;
  4. Achievement badges for Finalists and Winners in AITD’s Awards program (from 2016).

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