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Facilitation Skills MasterClass Course

This MasterClass will take your facilitation skills to executive level.

Released: 4 October 2016

Learn the skills you need for groups, meetings, organisational development processes or change management. You will learn how to establish the ground rules, engage the participants, keep things on track and deliver results.Fine tune the core skills of every good facilitator.

Strategic planning, change management, AGMs, board and executive meetings – they all need particular skills and a good eye for group dynamics. This is not a course for beginners to these processes, but for experienced trainers and facilitators who want to master this field.

Download our Facilitation Skills MasterClass course eBrochure

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Facilitation Skills MasterClass Dates

  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to May 2017)
  • Work 2-0 (July-Oct 2016)
  • Writers Wanted