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2018 AITD Divisional Council Elections - NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN

Are you a passionate AITD member with a desire to give back to the learning and development community?

Released: 5 July 2018

Extend your skills and expand your network by becoming a member of your AITD Divisional Council.

If you are a current financial member of AITD, you can nominate yourself for a position on your divisional council by downloading the below nomination form and submitting it by Friday 27 July 2018 (nominations will close at 5:00pm AEST.)

Please note that if you are a current divisional council member and would like to continue your participation for the 2018-2019 year, you will need to submit a new nomination form. 


  AITD Divisional Council Nomination Form 2018 (PDF) 389kb

  AITD Divisional Council Nomination Form 2018 (Word) 54kb


What does an AITD divisional council do?

Each divisional council plans and organises professional development events for AITD members, providing opportunities for networking and support among members. Divisional councils typically meet monthly (face-to-face or virtually) to plan a program of activities to support members in their division.

Activities include:

  1. Organising regular networking/professional development functions.
  2. Participating in monthly divisional council meetings.        
  3. Promoting the benefits of AITD membership to individual networks and colleagues, students and industry groups.        
  4. Working in conjunction with AITD’s national office to ensure that members receive the most benefit from their membership.        

Why would I want to join an AITD divisional council?

AITD exists for - and because of - its members so your ideas can add real value to the organisation and it’s a fantastic way to get more from your membership. You will have the opportunity to broaden your network and increase your profile within the learning and development community, as well as benefit from discounts on AITD courses and events. Once you have been a divisional council member for twelve consecutive months, you are also eligible to nominate yourself for election to the AITD board of directors.

How many divisional council members are there?

There are six divisional councils in Australia: Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria/Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland/Northern Territory.

The maximum number of members on each divisional council is ten (10). According to the AITD by-laws (5.11), existing board members continue (unelected) as a member of their divisional council during their three-year term on the board of directors. This means that at the time of the divisional council nominations, there are nine (9) positions available on each divisional council as one (1) place is reserved for the existing AITD board member.

How do I become a member of a divisional council?

If you are a current financial member of AITD, you can nominate yourself for a position on your divisional council. Simply complete the nomination form and submit it to AITD by 5pm AEST on Friday 27 July 2018. Late nomination forms will not be accepted.

The volume of nominees determines whether or not an election will be called:

  1. If there are nine (9) or fewer nominations from eligible AITD members, all eligible nominees will be appointed to the divisional council without holding a formal election.
  2. If there are more than nine (9) eligible people nominated for positions on a divisional council, a formal election will be held and all current financial members within your division will be asked to vote. This election will take place in August.

All new divisional council members take up their positions from 1 September 2018. The new divisional council members then determine which council member will become the president of their division and appoint any other divisional office holders, as required.

Can I join a divisional council if I live in a regional or country area?

Divisional Council meetings and most AITD events take place in capital cities, where the bulk of AITD’s members are located. However, councils also endeavour to support events in regional areas. There are opportunities for regional members of divisional councils; however, please be aware your involvement in divisional council activity may be limited and your access to meetings may need to occur via telephone, webinar or other virtual means (e.g. Skype/FaceTime).

How much time do I need to commit to being a divisional council member?

All councils are made up of volunteers who give up their time to attend council meetings and participate in events. The success of councils depends on the commitment and reliability of its members.

The divisional council year runs from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019. During this period, council members are expected to commit to attending regular (usually monthly) council meetings, participating in local events (approximately every six to eight weeks), and contributing to other council responsibilities. This may mean volunteering approximately 5-6 hours a month to council activities.

How can I learn more about being a divisional council member?

If you would like more information about being a divisional council member, why not ask a member of your divisional council? Details of your divisional council are available on the AITD website. Or you can contact the AITD team at or on 02 9211 9414.

Download the 2018 nomination form

  AITD Divisional Council Nomination Form 2018 (PDF) 389kb

  AITD Divisional Council Nomination Form 2018 (Word) 54kb

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