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National Conversation on Culture and Ecosystems

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Released: 1 August 2017

Culture and ecosystems is the theme of the August 2017 issue of Training and Development magazine, which includes articles by:

  1. Arun Pradhan
  2. Laura Overton
  3. Robin Petterd
  4. Evelyn Moolenburgh
  5. Naomi Waldron
  6. Dr Wesley Payne McClendon
  7. Bella Broadway
  8. Natalie Richardson
  9. Andrew Fletcher

More details to follow.

All articles are be available online for members by logging into the secure member-zone on the AITD website.

Join the Conversation

AITD is encouraging a discussion on National Conversation topics through local events and online through AITD's members-only Linkedin Group and on Twitter @aitd1 (#AITDNatCon)

Local Events Include:

  1. 17 August 2017 - Adelaide
  2. 21 September 2017 - Sydney


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