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Presentation Skills MasterClass Course

This MasterClass is suitable for professionals who are already comfortable at the front of a room and who are looking to refine their skills to executive level.

Released: 5 October 2016

Want to be an unforgettable presenter? From body language and voice modulation to using props and resources, this Presentation Skills MasterClass will provide you with the skills you need to persuasively present with presence.

Experienced presenters know that even before they utter a sound their audience has made a judgement on how competent they are. Whether you are delivering training; facilitating a meeting or strategic planning day; hosting or presenting at an event or conference - your presence is an asset you need to continually nurture.

During this highly interactive course you will have many practice opportunities as we work through everything from warming up and preparation to conveying authority and power.

Download our Presentation Skills MasterClass course eBrochure

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Presentation Skills MasterClass Dates

  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to May 2017)
  • Writers Wanted