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Professional Development 2017

Sharpen your skills, strengthen your business, boost your career with AITD.

Released: 1 December 2016

AITD has your professional development needs covered with a range of learning opportunities to suit your preferences, style and budget. 

Essentials courses will be pitched at a level suitable for those new to the profession or the particular topic or experienced practitioners wanting to expand their knowledge base.

  1. Instructional Design Essentials
  2. Needs Analysis and Evaluation Essentials
  3. Adult Learning Essentials
  4. eLearning Essentials (an online course)
  5. Training Room Essentials
  6. Social and Collaborative Essentials (starting 8 March 2017, further details available soon)

Master Classes will be pitched at senior professionals looking to develop their skills and those aspiring to senior roles.
  1. L&D Project Management MasterClass
  1. Presentation Skills MasterClass
  2. Facilitation Skills MasterClass
  3. eLearning MasterClass (starting 5 April 2017, further details available soon)

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Also available:

Communities of Practice

AITD offers online Communities of Practice where AITD members can pose questions, contribute to discussions and share information and advice relating to the particular group's focus. Each community will have a moderator with expertise and experience to facilitate the dialogue.

Mentoring Program

AITD's Mentoring Program brings together experienced and successful professionals with AITD members who are looking to develop their skills and careers. In late 2015 AITD will be seeking applicants for the 2016 Mentoring program nationally.

National Conversation

AITD is holding a national conversation linked to the themes of Training and Development magazine. Every two months local events are held in various locations offering networking opportunities as well as a space to discuss trending topics in training, learning and development. Join a local event, engage online in the LinkedIn discussion group or join the Twitter conversation @aitd1 #AITDNatCon

AITD National Conference

Join AITD in Sydney on 11-12 May 2017 for our annual national conference. Inspiring keynote speakers, case studies, panel discussions and more.

  • Workstar (April - June 2017)
  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to April 2018)
  • Writers Wanted