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Skills for Australia: an Industry Voice Survey

PwC are conducting research among Australian businesses.

Released: 8 May 2017


PwC is working with the Federal Department of Education and Training on an exciting piece of research, to understand how individuals and organisations around the country use, access or deliver information, advice or support to do with careers and skills pathways - at any stage of life.

The world of work is changing. Fast. Complex issues like digital change, automation and globalisation are disrupting industries in Australia. Embarking on a career – or changing careers – has never been more challenging. PwC wants toknow what it’s like for everyday Australians – how they’re supported to get their career off the ground, upskill or reskill and they want to hear your ideas about how people can be better supported to navigate the complex world of work.

If you have ever provided or received career advice or support and have strong opinions or ideas about how it can be improved then be part of this important project.

Learning and development professionals are encouraged to provide feedback on the skills needs and training priorities shaping your industry and impacting the calibre of our future talent pool in Australia.

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