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Training Room Essentials Course

Before you line up for a Cert IV TAE, Training Room Essentials will get you started and launch you into the world of training.

Released: 5 October 2016

In this course you will learn about creating the learning environment, writing your program to ensure engagement, tools of the trade and how to evaluate what you’ve done.

You are good at what you do, and now you have been asked to train other people to do it. You have to develop the training and then present it. You won’t just learn about how to run quality training – you will experience it throughout the day.

This course is suitable for people new to the training profession who are looking for tools and techniques to get things started. Great for inductions, and developing new training as well as reviewing and revitalising existing programs.


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Training Room Essentials Dates

  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to May 2017)
  • Work 2-0 (July-Oct 2016)
  • Writers Wanted