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Z Archive - Vale Shalom Paul, MAITD

Shalom Paul 1963-2017. AITD Member and Mentor.

Released: 28 April 2017

AITD mourns the loss of our friend Shalom Paul.

Shalom was a well regarded coach, trainer, speaker, change manager,  facilitator, instructional designer, and behaviour analyst.

He is fondly remembered by all those who knew him. In 2016 Shalom volunteered his time to be a mentor in AITD's mentoring program. Shalom's mentee, Sha Paisley described him as follows:

“Our first Mentor / Mentee connection was over the phone and to my delight it became clear Shalom was not only accomplished in his field, but he was also a wonderfully aware human being with a massive depth of insight into the wider aspect of Life. We connected immediately, and it was evident we were from kindred tribes of spiritual free thinkers with a profound joy for Life, learning and personal growth!”

Our thoughts are with Shalom's family, friends and colleagues.




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