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Writers Wanted for T&D Magazine

AITD is looking for talented writers to contribute to our magazine.

Released: 19 October 2015

AITD is seeking articles from training, learning and development professionals for future issues of Training and Development magazine. Case studies, interviews and other formats are welcomed.

Themes for future issues are as follows:

 Issue Theme
 Submission Deadline
February 2017   Social and Collaborative Learning
21 December  
April 2017
Learning for Performance
28 February
June 2017
Learning Technology
30 April

While each issue has a central theme, other articles relevant to learning and development professionals are welcome.

If you have suggestions for interesting articles or are keen to write for AITD's bi-monthly Training & Development magazine please contact the Editor.

AITD and NAZTD members are encouraged to submit milestones if they have recently changed jobs or won an award.

Our Contributor Guidelines include important information about content, copyright, referencing and self-promotion.

  T&D Magazine Contributor Guidelines 259kb

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