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Andrea Collett

Andrea Collett

About Andrea Collett

Andrea Collett is Consulting Partner at Fulcrum People.
She holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Adelaide, is TAE10 certified and a graduate of the prestigious SA Governor's Leadership Executive Development program.

Andrea is a certified Master Trainer in persolog products including the Personality Factor Model, Stress and Time Management and the Employee Integration System. She is also accredited to deliver Belbin Team Roles, the SATURN cultural change program, BEST Fit Behavioural Interviewing and Development Dimensions International (DDI) Interaction Management.

Andrea's management experience covers both public and private sectors and has been working in Human Resource Development (HRD) since 1993. She is a very experienced training professional and has designed, implemented and managed leadership and team development programs throughout Australia and off-shore. She is experienced in delivering Action Learning, personal and team development, knowledge management and group dynamics, project management and presentation skills. She has also done extensive work across the administration, agri-business, not-for-profits, social justice, manufacturing, mining and agribusiness sectors.

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