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Andrew Horabin

Andrew Horabin

About Andrew Horabin

Director - The Bullshift Company

Andrew Horabin is a professional key-note speaker, facilitator, author, comedian and award-winning songwriter. Andrew began his business at age 18 with no qualifications, experience, equipment or capital. He is now 44 years old and travels around Australia and overseas from his base in Fremantle.

Over 25 years, he has worked with big and small business, government departments, local councils, professional associations and NGO’s across Australia and overseas. He has trained state, federal and international police, including undercover officers, surveillance operatives, informant handlers, intel analysts and senior managers of serious crime – working with police from 40 countries.

Andrew has also won state and national songwriting awards and wrote, directed and produced a sold-out musical called WHAT A MAN’S GOTTA DO. He has played two seasons of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and in 2012 took his one-man show on a national tour of 45 towns in five states.

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