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Bella Broadway

Bella Broadway

About Bella Broadway

Bella Broadway is the Founder/Principal Consultant at Connection and Wellbeing Australia (CAWA).

Bella Broadway has been working in the Disability, Training, Mental Health, Trauma Support, Behaviour Intervention, Child Protection, Education and Advocacy sectors for over 20 years. During this time Bella has performed a variety of roles in both Government and not-for-profit organisations across Australia.

Bella is passionate about using Social Enterprise to create a suicide safer community. She was honoured to lead teams to be awarded the Suicide Prevention Australia LiFE Award for Excellence in Suicide Prevention (2015 and 2016) and was short listed for an individual award in 2017.

Bella is determined to support all Training Organisations to ensure they reflect the voices of Lived Experience/Peer Perspectives (LEPP™) throughout the work that they do.

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