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Chemène Sinson

Chemène Sinson

About Chemène Sinson

Chemène Sinson is an educator and instructional designer with 25+ years of experience in Australia and internationally.

She grew up in Canada where she worked as a sport coach, mentor, and later, school teacher. She moved into adult education after immigrating to Australia in the 1990s.

Chemène's area of expertise include VET and TAE qualifications, best practice training and assessment, plus non-technical skills such as communication, presentation/media, and leadership. She delivers accredited and corporate programs for various clients, and has written a range of retail training materials used by 100+ organisations within and outside of Australia.

An Olympian, Chemène remains actively involved in the sport industry. She coaches athletes and staff in presentation, media and leadership skills, and has announced or commentated at numerous sporting events, including World Championships, Commonwealth, and Olympic Games.

Chemène speaks regularly at learning and development related conferences and special events, and has twice been the Master of Ceremonies for the AITD National Conference (2014 and 2016).

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