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Chris Butler

Chris Butler

About Chris Butler

Chris Butler is the President of the Enterprise RTO Association (ERTOA) which includes some of Australia’s leading companies and collectively employ over 1,000,000 Australians.
He has 30 years experience in the Financial Services Sector across banking and insurance, including two decades in Learning and Development.
Chris has designed and developed learning from technical to soft skills across five of Australia's largest organisations.

Chris developed his evangelistic passion for Vocational Education and Training 12 years ago when he was charged with establishing a Registered Training Organisation for Colonial Ltd. Over the years he has successfully managed RTOs for several large companies and currently manages the Enterprise RTO for Qantas. Chris holds a number of undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational qualifications across a range of disciplines including accounting, TQM and Organisational Development, eLearning and Training and Assessment.

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