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Cindy Donald AFAITD, QLD

Cindy Donald AFAITD, QLD

About Cindy Donald AFAITD, QLD

Cindy is a passionate and competent learning and development specialist


 As a values driven leader of people, she has the skills to develop collaborative relationships, design and promote new processes; and assist people to understand and value each other’s opinions. she has a proven ability, within a range of organisations, to combine vision with operational management skills and leadership qualities to achieve identified strategic objectives.


Cindy developed her leadership and management skills through running a variety of businesses such as a franchise restaurant, a boutique hotel and an interior design store. All of these industries may seem to be very different, but people have the same needs in most organisations, so leadership skills transcend industry types.


Her vision is to be a facilitator and coach who inspires leaders to develop capability for themselves and their workforce. 

"I believe that everyone is capable of being an effective leader, and all they need is someone to help them unlock their potential. Mentoring and coaching is a key component to developing competencies in the workplace and this is an area I use to help others achieve their objectives."


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