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David Swaddle

David Swaddle

About David Swaddle

Technologist, learning designer and multimedia producer, David Swaddle has worked in training and eLearning for 15+ years.

David first dabbled in computer based education in 1981 and has remained fascinated ever since. He has also been a C programmer, project manager, quantitative trader and run an online video company. He still cuts code occasionally, even though he should know better!

Clients include Lendlease (Aus), Glencore (Aus), Thomson-Reuters (Aus), CCA (Aus), Mace (UK), OFSTED (UK), Financial Ombudsman Service (UK), Allergan (UK & USA), Otsuka (USA) & The Red Cross.

As a certified wine educator and a sake sommelier, David hopes, one day, to create the perfect wine course.


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