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Donald Clark

Donald Clark

About Donald Clark

Donald is an entrepreneur.
He was CEO and one of the original founders of Epic Group plc, which established itself as the leading company in the UK e-learning market, floated on the Stock Market in 1996 and sold in 2005.

Describing himself as ‘free from the tyranny of employment’, he now has a foot in two camps, one as an investor and Board member of PlanB learning, WiQi, LearningPool, Cogbooks, the other in the public sector as a Trustee for City & Guilds and Deputy Chair of Brighton Arts Festival & Dome. He has been involved in consulting and implementing online learning in schools, FE, HE, corporate and government.

Donald has been involved in film, games, web, mobile, interactive TV, gamification, MOOCs, adaptive, semantic web and VR and has won many awards for the design and implementation of online learning.

He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, having delivered talks in the US, Europe, Far East, Middle East and Africa, and won several ‘Best speaker’ awards … also a regular (and controversial) blogger on online learning!

Donald has delivered a TEDx presentation.

Check out his blog at PlanB.

Follow Donald on Twitter: @donaldclark

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