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Ed F Dickinson, FAITD VIC

Ed F Dickinson, FAITD VIC

AITD Fellow

A Commonwealth Public Servant from 1955, Ed later joined the Training Section of the PMG where he became a Foundation Member of AITD in 1971.

He developed a unique course in Public Speaking, designed for Corporate CEOs who visited their Australian Branches, where their executives often heard the same speech. Ed taught 50 separate speech structures and recorded this teaching method on a CD. PMG hired him out to State and Commonwealth Departments, Businesses, and Universities. He lectured in Public Speaking to Final Year Mechanical Engineering students at Monash University for 18 years.

Ed was accredited a Professional Public Speaker by the National Speakers Association of Australia, after he began his own business, ‘Edcom’.

Ed is a past State President of Victorian Rostrum, and an Associate Member of the Graduate Union of the University of Melbourne. At 78 years of age he still coaches city executives in speaking Skills.



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