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Emma Weber

Emma Weber

About Emma Weber

CEO and Founder of Lever - Transfer of Learning

Emma Weber is the CEO and Founder of Lever – Transfer of Learning and developer of the Turning Learning into Action™ (TLA) methodology.

Emma’s firm belief, and the platform on which she has built Lever, is that the key aim of learning in the workplace is to create tangible business benefits. She established Lever to help organisations and their employees convert learning into effective action back on the job. Lever now delivers TLA throughout 20 countries and in 12 languages.

A recognized authority on the transfer of learning, Emma has been a guest speaker at conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the USA. She shares her passion and expertise through her writing - ‘Turning Learning into Action: a proven methodology for effective transfer of learning’ was published in March 2014 by Kogan Page. And Emma’s second book, ‘Making Change Work: How to create behavioural change in organizations to drive impact and ROI’, co-authored with Jack and Patti Phillips of the ROI Institute, was published on May 3rd 2016 by Kogan Page.

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