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Fran Whittingham

Fran Whittingham

About Fran Whittingham

Fran provides coaching and consulting expertise that draws on a broad range of experience in leadership, management, training, consulting and business ownership.
Fran has been self-employed since 1998.
She has coached individuals with a focus on career development and teams in a management capacity.

Fran has facilitated change for communities and organisations. Her clients have ranged from blue collar to senior management and she brings the additional and invaluable experience of working with the public, different cultures and diverse socio-economic groups. Her assignments have been in Asia and Australia.

Fran is personally equipped to talk about the importance of heightened self-awareness and its impact on development, as she:

  1. Was initially a teacher and an education department advisor
  2. Managed one of the largest government funded Skill Share Services in South Australia
  3. Has a Bachelor of Business HRD Degree and Corporate Coach U Business Coaching Credentials
  4. Is a Professional member of CDAA and AHRI
  5. Managed her consulting and coaching business for the past 16 years under her own name and the business names Your Career Coach and FMWtransition.
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