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Graham Blaxell, FAITD NSW

Graham Blaxell, FAITD NSW

AITD Fellow

Graham is currently working as Senior Learning and Development Specialist for flexigroup

Following a successful career as a primary school principal, Graham moved on to adult learning with Not For Profit organisations in the areas of youth homelessness, child protection and aged care.He worked for a number of years as an independent learning consultant with mid to large sized national and international organisations before his current learning manager role in the finance sector.

Prompted by the Royal Commission into Aged Care in Australia, Graham completed his Masters degree in 2018 with his thesis entitled "Issues in Mandatory Training in Aged Care in Australia". This research highlighted a number of significant problems with learning in the sector and has subsequently been published internationally.

Graham is an active AITD member. He has served on the NSW Divisional Council and as a volunteer mentor in recent years.

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