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Hazel Wemper

Hazel Wemper

About Hazel Wemper

Hazel has had over 25 years experience in training and development, working as a consultant in hydrocarbons, minerals, mining, construction, health, IT, government and social services fields.

She has designed and delivered customized programs for cross cultural development with BAO steel and Channar steel, and specializes in building (and understanding) effective workplace relationships.

As a (retired) family and relationship counselor, Hazel has an in-depth understanding of the dynamics that lead to conflict at work, and how to resolve difficulties.

She believes that strong leadership can make a critical difference to an organization and is expert in the “micro-skills” (including use of voice, face and body language) that lead to leadership effectiveness.

Her humour, warmth and practical approach to managing people make Hazel's workshops unforgettable.

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