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Jane Hudson

Jane Hudson

Instructional Design Essentials

Jane Hudson has over 20 years experience in organisational learning and development in government, community, and the corporate sector.

Most of her work in recent years has focused on designing and delivering training programs and national qualifications; establishing new learning and development teams and helping organisations to develop their learning cultures.

Jane has extensive experience working with senior leaders, managers, team leaders and employees to identify the learning and development needs and then delivering practical, learning & development programs that do what they’re meant to do. This includes:

  1. Delivering customised, competency-based, blended learning & development programs based on contemporary adult learning principles
  2. Using learning and development to manage knowledge, embed change and develop organisational culture
  3. Collaborating with senior leaders to align learning and development with the organisation
  4. Providing strategic learning and development support and advice
  5. Facilitating learning, delivering nationally recognised qualifications
  6. Partnering with registered training organisations
  7. Conducting competency-based assessments

In her first career Jane worked as a professional, freelance bass player (acoustic & electric) playing jazz, RSL clubs, cabaret and music theatre in Sydney, Australia. Now Jane has the best of both worlds: working in adult learning and development by day, and playing music with community orchestras.

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