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Kate Potter

Kate Potter

About Kate Potter

Kate Potter has experience in managing organisational social media profiles, using new media tools and writing for the online environment.
She is able to guide organisations through the often unfamiliar world of digital media, and advise on the best strategic use of digital tools for online communication, monitoring and measurement.

As Hughes Public Relations’ digital media specialist, Kate ensures digital media is a constant consideration in media and communications strategies, working with organisations to unlock the commercial benefits of appropriate platforms on a professional and personal level.

Kate provides a unique skill set to the consultancy’s clients, with experience in South Australia’s media, communications and public relations sectors as a supplier to the industry – Kate came to Hughes Public Relations from Australia’s largest media monitoring company. At Media Monitors, Kate managed client relationships in both government and corporate sectors, and was the State Manager for the South Australian office.

Working with clients in industries such as mining, tourism, defence, FMCG, environment and health, Kate gained an in-depth understanding of media strategy from targeting the media through to analysis of content. Experience in advising and supporting clients in their quantitative and qualitative analysis of media content gives Kate an in-depth understanding of how to measure communication strategies. Kate also has experience in managing budgets and schedules, organising client events, tenders and proposals, project management and implementing organisational restructure.

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