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Kris Flegg

Kris Flegg

About Kris Flegg

Kris and his team are the go-to presentation design and development team for Australia’s most sought after speakers, high ranking executives, and startup entrepreneurs.

Kris actually started his career in banking. He saw that even when the stakes were high, the quality of the presentations were not. He set out on a search for something different, something better. That’s when he found Prezi. It was a new, innovative technology, and it was disrupting the perception of what a presentation should be, or could be.

One of his first designs was featured by Prezi to their user base of more than 200 million. Over the past six years Kris has developed a capable team around him, and a unique process, which allows the Presentation Design Co to create original, creative, unforgettable presentations across any Prezi and Powerpoint.

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