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Lucy Perry

Lucy Perry

About Lucy Perry

Lucy is a sought after inspirational and passionate speaker whose presentation style is fast-paced and entertaining.

Her subject matter expertise includes broader business, leadership, team building, motivation, communication, social media and career inspiration for conferences and events where delegates are ready to be inspired to make a difference and literally change themselves and the world.

Lucy is an award-winning leader with a knack for building effective teams and maximising technology and innovation to raise big money for niche causes. Lucy is the NAB Women’s Agenda 2015 Emerging Leader in the Not for Profit Sector Award and was shortlisted in the 2016 Women's Agenda Leadership Awards in the Agenda Setter Category.

Lucy is the only Australian to be listed in the world's top 30 #socialceos, she is a published author and the creator of the world’s first childbirth education program specifically for men which is run in pubs all over Australia.



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