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Neil Wingrave, FAITD VIC

Neil Wingrave, FAITD VIC

AITD Fellow

Neil Wingrave is currently an Employee Development Specialist at Boeing Aerostructures Australia.

At Boeing, Neil is engaged in a number of projects in line with their competency-based training, community engagement and future factory planning for industry skills requirements.

His previous roles include L&D Manager, Instructional Designer, Leadership Facilitator, and Performance Improvement Consultant in a variety of major national and international companies.

Neil focuses on accessing and providing well managed learning and training experiences that provide value to individuals and their organisations.

His qualifications include a Master of Strategic Organisational Development, Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, Diploma in Workplace Training & Systems, Graduate Diploma Applied Science [Instructional Design and Technology] and Graduate Diploma of Business Management.

Neil originally joined AITD in 2000 and was appointed an AITD Fellow in 2016.

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