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Pauline Farrell

Pauline Farrell

About Pauline Farrell

Pauline Farrell has been the Executive Manager of Blended Learning Solutions (BeLS) at Box Hill Institute for the past five years.

BeLS has won numerous awards and grants and is at the forefront on learning technology design within the VET sector. In 2011, BeLS supported the implementation of a centre-wide iPad deployment. By 2012 five teaching centres were using tablet technology and an iPad Project Planner had been developed to help smooth the implementation of these devices.

Pauline recently conceived and managed the design and development of an exemplar in iBooks for a Carpentry unit. This project galvanized the department into designing a simple to use template for all staff to use when designing mobile teaching resources. BeLS is now working commercially to design iBooks for a number of clients.

Pauline has worked in schools, TAFEs, private RTOs and the University sector as an executive, manager, teacher, lecturer and consultant. She is passionate about learning engagement, student retention and pedagogy leading technology to develop creative solutions, often using disruptive technologies for better learning outcomes.
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