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Peter Arbery

Peter Arbery

About Peter Arbery

Peter Arbery has been a successful business owner for over two decades.
He is the owner and key facilitator of “The Real Learning Experience” in SA.

Over the years, each of his six businesses achieved outstanding growth and high performance against industry benchmarks. Throughout that time Peter has been on various management boards including hospitals and nursing homes. Whist he still is an accredited pharmacist, he now dedicates all of his time as a developer of people and teams specialising in Building Leaders, Team Efficiency, and Sales/Customer Service. His work is nationally recognised and acclaimed for it’s upbeat, energetic style.

Peter’s strengths are that he is result focused and enjoys interactive, experiential sessions with people. Understanding that people learn best when they can adapt ideas to their own circumstances enables participants to formulate action plans of how they can make changes. In the end, isn’t that why we attend these sessions?

Outside work, Peter and his wife have two daughters. He enjoys laughter, fine food and friendships.

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