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Sarab Singh

Sarab Singh

About Sarab Singh

Sarab Singh is the CEO of the Illuminate Group, an expert in connecting business strategy and human capital investment.

He is a specialist in addressing enterprise specific challenges through personal growth strategies for leadership teams.

Sarab is a Human Behaviourist with particular interest in areas of unconscious bias, conflict resolution, performance management, interpersonal communication including emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion skills.

In 2010, Sarab won the inaugural graduate scholarship at the Australian National University whilst undertaking his academic studies in the areas of leadership development and high performance teams. Sarab’s passion is to build leadership and management capability within his clients’ organisations to enhance employee engagement, retention and productivity.

With his recent return from Harvard Business School, Sarab has a continued and contemporary approach to Leadership and Innovation. Challenging businesses to realise the critical human factors that determine their success.

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