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Emerging Themes in Mentoring - A Global Perspective

Online 25 October 2016 (2:00 - 2:45pm AEDT)

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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In this webcast, Prof David Clutterbuck and Melissa Richardson will share with you their perspectives on themes and trends they are seeing emerge in the field of mentoring and mentoring program development.


In particular:

  1. Why companies and membership organisations introduce mentoring and how they currently design and implement mentoring programs
  2. Interesting applications of mentoring – including maternity mentoring, ethical mentoring and mentoring as a preventative intervention in high stress workplaces or professions
  3. Use of technology to manage mentoring programs to enable virtual mentoring relationships
  4. Sustainability of mentoring programs

Based in the UK, Prof Clutterbuck can speak to the European viewpoint, although as an academic and frequent speaker at conferences across the globe, he also provides the worldwide research perspective.

Melissa Richardson is based in Australia but has clients around the world. Her recent study into how organisations conduct mentoring programs was a global study but respondents were mostly from the US, Canada and Australasia.




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