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Applying Neuroscience to Organisational Learning

Melbourne 16 November 2016 (6:00pm - 7:15pm)

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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We know that the brain is responsible for all human behavior but do we know how it really works? Come and discover how we can incorporate neuroscience principles to help our employees maximise their learning experience and uptake.

During this session you will discover the key principles of neuroscience and how it applies to organisation learning and how to maximise return on investment by using the elements of effective learning design.

Neuroscience has produced some profound insights into the ways that learning occurs. During this session we will discover how to design learning interventions that tap into how the brain naturally learns. You will be encouraged you to think out loud, collaborate with your peers and gain insights that you can implement into your learning and development programs.

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