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Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) - Evaluation and Measurement techniques for Learning and HR Professionals

Sydney 4 May 2016 (9:00am - 4:30pm)

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This workshop is associated with the AITD2016 Conference.



Learning and Development and HR practitioners are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the contribution that learning experiences maketo their organisation’s effectiveness. Resources are not infinite and measuring results beyond the end of a learning intervention is a powerful way to demonstrate to your organisation that staff development can make a real difference to your bottom line.

This workshop will present you with a valuable opportunity to learn the concepts of return on investment(ROI)along with practical skills that will help you measure the effectiveness of your learning interventions.

As a complimentary bonus to ensure you transfer learning back to your workplace, you will receive three, 30-minute Turning Learning into ActionTM follow up sessions over a period of weeks following the workshop. These highly valued sessions will ensure you create real business impact from your learning.

Who Should Attend?

Learning and Development professionals and HR practitioners who are interested in measuring learning interventions, whether this is business impact or ROI, and who want to be able to demonstrate the real contribution that learning and development can make to business performance.


The workshop will cover:

  1. What is ROI
  2. What are the benefits and challenges of using ROI analysis
  3. ROI Methodology and critical success factors
  4. The 5 levels of Evaluation and how you choose what to use when
  5. Measuring effectiveness (including evaluation planning, criteria for selecting levels to evaluate, hard and soft data and data collection tools)
  6. Starting with the end in mind - how ROI and evaluation measures can shape proposals and design
  7. Understanding the return your organisation seeks
  8. Starting an evaluation plan for a specific program

An example of a local government case study, and an easy to use template will also be included in the program for post workshop use.


The facilitator, Emma Weber, will use group discussions and individual exercises to assist participants to understand and practically apply the ROI concepts and methodologies.

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