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Learning For Performance

Adelaide 7 April 2017 (7:30-9:00am)

Breakfast and networking are all inclusive of your registration fee.

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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2017-04-07 Learning For Performance (local)


"High Performing Workplaces are 12% more productive, are up to 25% more innovative and 23% better at retaining employees." (University of NSW/ Australian National University)

- But what does a ‘High Performing Organisation’ look like?
- What does your organisation need to do to become High Performing?
- What can L&D do to build and/or contribute to a High Performing Organisation?

Come along to our facilitated session and find out what makes a high performing workplace and how you can contribute to one. Breakfast and networking are all inclusive of your registration fee.

Join keynote speaker Tim Mares, Director of Strategic Economics and Policy Coordination from the Department of State Development as he shares what Australia's Highest Performing Organisations have in common, tools you can use to benchmark your organisations’ current level of performance, and practical steps to becoming High Performing.

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